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We have a new website, Well, new address, anyway. The site hasn’t changed much. We will harness all the extra power we have obtained… eventually.

For now, I guess it’s just a new address. If for some sick reason, you have us bookmarked, having to update the bookmark it is your punishment, I guess.

Everything on the old website has been moved to the new one, but any new comments made on the old website will stay there. New comments go on the new website.

Aikatsu! – 35

I can't not have a crying image

I can’t not have a crying image

There are so many more good images, but it’s my policy to avoid spoilers… dammit.

Only note in this episode is that because I feel like we didn’t convey how ridiculous the name of the real final audition was, we changed it up a bit.  Hope you like it.

Episode 35: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 34

America, fuck yeah!

America, fuck yeah!

I feel an imbalance in the force.  Almost as if… they brought to light one of my most favorite translator notes in-episode.  At least I still get to tell you that Hoshi = star again!  Hope you’re all profiting from this extremely valuable weekly Japanese lesson.  Oh, and a bit of history this episode too.

Episode 34: Torrent

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 10

Not quite the pirate the manga cover promised…

There are a few things that I want to note.

1. The title of the episode is a terrible pun in Japanese with “standing ovation” and “baby”. It gets even worse in English.

2. There appears to be a typo or transcription mistake (in Japanese) in one of the text messages. We translated it as if it wasn’t incorrect. I’m too lazy to check which one right now but if I get un-lazy soon I’ll edit that in.

3. Something else. I’m kinda sleepy. I’ll remember all the things I wanted to say eventually. It can’t be helped.

Episode 10: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 33

It's hard to avoid spoilers, so have a sexhair Ichigo

It’s hard to avoid spoilers, so have a sexhair Ichigo

Notes time! A certain bright character’s name means “light”, so enjoy the concept of making yet another name pun.  And speaking of name puns, the three girls from Mizuki’s past each have first and last names that phonetically start with the words for “one”, “two”, and “three”.  Clever, right?

There would be more typesetting if a certain person wasn’t being tortured by the sudden heat wave.  But come to think of it, it’s much hotter where I am.  Guess there’s a higher concentration of idols down here.

Episode 33: Torrent

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 09

You don’t see it here, but in this show, ellipses have four dots.

Today I have two TL notes for you.

1) When Kozakura starts talking about “surrogates”, she’s saying 代償, which is actually how “Instead” is normally written. Whether this is intentional or just a voice actor reading it incorrectly is unknown.

2) The title of the next episode is スタンディング・ベイベーション, or “Standing Babytion”. It’s a lame pun with “standing ovation” (like in baseball) and “baby” (as in the new character you’ll meet next week). And it’s even lamer after it gets translated to English. Oh well. It couldn’t be helped.

Episode 09: Torrent